Monday, November 17, 2014

April antics

More catch up... and more of the fun we had in April!

Just love our silly kitty and the positions he finds comfortable! :)

Mosaic puzzles!

Ry still loves building elaborate forts with sheets, blankets, and pillows

His "rocket" made from a backpack :)

So cute on the couch together!

Very proud of the tower she built during quiet play time! (which we started when naps ended)

One of Rylan's drawings from Sabbath School.  Amazing how little minds think! He writes his name forward all the time, but randomly writes it backwards sometimes!  (though he's never seen it written out backwards)  He told us at the bottom is a flat bed truck with lots of wheels, and a space pod that he was going to launch... it would visit other planets, and drill down to see if there was water inside.  Just love the things he comes up with!  He loves learning about space and we talk about current space events also.  

Rylan offered to 'read' to Maylee! So cute!

Rylan's large paintings from preschool :)...  He doesn't paint often at school so it was especially fun to see!  He said "it's a road with parking spaces." :)

He said "it's a rainbow with trees and grass" :)

Making marshmallows with Dada

Jason, Ry and May got me flowers! They each picked out a small bunch at the store. So sweet and thoughtful! :)

Headed to church on the Sabbath before Easter

Some of Ry's earliest drawings of stick figures!  These are monsters. :)

Easter family worship

Maylee figuring out how to catch!! So fun!

They still love building big train tracks

So happy after his swim lesson! Priceless smile :)

Had fun making some cupcakes for our pathfinder club to sell as part of a fundraiser food booth at Pathfinder Fair. I love an excuse to bake :)

Maylee started lining up cars! She also makes huge parking lots with them.

We had a good time taking care of our little friend Hazel while her mom was working a few days here and there... Maylee especially enjoyed playing with her.  She loves babies and little ones!

Flowers that Ry picked for me... so sweet and just makes my heart so happy :)

About to drop!  At our favorite playground, the train park (Jason nicknamed it FSP, for Front Street Playground)

Rylan won the drawing at his dentist office for the "no cavity" club for the month.  He was very excited to get this fishing game!

Yay for all the good times we had in April!

Tulips in April

We went up to see the tulips in Skagit Valley one Sunday in April!  It's always incredible to see all the different types and colors together... just love it!  And I love that God made such beautiful flowers for us to enjoy.  Of course Jason took a few photos :)...

Such cuties!!


And hugs :)

Jason used a fish eye lens and put his camera on the ground in the tulips for this one (he likes to try something a little different each year :) )

And a few of us, too :)....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Marvelous March

Now that I've posted some recent pictures, it's time for some catch up.  Going WAY back again... to March of this year!  They both seem so young now in these photos :)... though they were only from eight months ago.

And actually, a few more photos from February!  We had so much fun celebrating Zaley at her 2nd birthday party in early February, and her mama got some super cute photos of us!

Zaley loves pandas, so it was a panda party!

Maylee loved Zaley's drum (that Zaley's daddy made!!)

Oh, and we had several really rough weeks in February into March when Maylee stopped napping (at two and a half)!  Lots of tears :(.  SO thankful that we made it through, and after a few months things were going better again!

Now into March!  In Mama's heels :)

The naps ended when Maylee could climb out of her crib.  So not long after, we moved her to a toddler bed.  These are from her last night in her crib!

And Ry's last night in the toddler bed!

The new set up, with Rylan in a new twin bed, and Maylee in the toddler bed. :)

Both as happy as can be in their new big boy and big girl beds!

Showing off her sticker art

Rylan was building all kinds of contraptions around this time!  This is one of them :)

He made me a precious noodle necklace at school... love it and my sweet boy!

One of Maylee's first times eating a whole apple :)

A banana boat with a carrot mast and kale leaf for lunch!  He requested it when he saw it in his Sabbath school book as an activity to go with the story of Jesus calming the storm. :)


Snuggles :)

We had lots of fun taking care of Hazel here and there when her mommy was working. :)

Our awesome friends Kelly and Kathy took Rylan out to eat at Tutta Bella, a pizza place nearby... his first restaurant date with friends!

The picture Kelly sent from the restaurant :)

Maylee in her new big girl car seat

A brief trip to the snow! Last one of the season

We don't get enough photos with Amanda (who continues to adore the kids and is their favorite babysitter)!

We all love her very much too!!!

Painting with dinosaurs at preschool

Maylee loves to give Alejandro treats in the morning!

Our first time ice skating together!

The kids loved it!

S'mores at home, just for fun... mmmm!