Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Maylee and Fun with Mama

Yay for Mei Mei smiles! :)  More pictures from February...

Precious moments... what a lucky and blessed mama I am! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Daddy's girl

More photos from February... Maylee loves her daddy!! :) 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A morning in the snow

We took a drive up I-90 toward the Pass during the first weekend of February, and stopped when we found enough snow to play in.  RyRy and Jason did a short walk, then Ry had his second experience sledding with the saucer... he had fun but is still a little unsure about it!  Mei Mei the pink snow bear and I got out and had fun in it for a bit too after her nap.  I had a grand time flying down the hill on the saucer!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maylee's baby dedication

We dedicated Maylee to the Lord's care in the presence of our wonderful church family on February 4, and it was such a special service and a blessing to our whole family.  We chose Psalm 33:20-22 as the scripture for the sermon because it was such a comfort right after her early arrival, and we are looking forward to sharing with her about the hope in these verses.  Here is a link to the audio of the sermon:

And here are a few pictures from the day she was dedicated...

Nine months

Maylee turned nine months on Sunday the 4th (and yesterday turned 7 months corrected age, based on her due date)!  I haven't done a big update on her in a while, but you can probably guess from all the photos the last several months that she's doing great!  She was 17 lb 13 oz at her 9 month check up (25th percentile) and almost in the 50th percentile for height... she continues to grow really well.  Every time we hear more good news like this it's such a relief!  She's just a bit bigger than Rylan was at this age (amazing since she started so small compared to him... I think this is partly because she is a better breastfeeder than he was... which is also amazing because she left the hospital getting most of her milk from bottles, and we didn't know if she'd really pick up on breastfeeding... she's a miracle in a lot of ways).  She had a visit to the UW High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic in December where a physical therapist did a full evaluation, and she was right on track for her corrected age and was doing a few things closer to her actual age.  She's had two follow-up vision tests since her stay in Tennessee, and has normal vision so far, with no need for more follow-ups.  She's also gone to the doctor monthly since November to receive Synagis, an antibody treatment to protect her against RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which can be especially harmful to preemies.  Our insurance continues to cover the majority of the medical costs above deductibles, which is yet another blessing.

Maylee has a wonderful personality, and continues to love smiling and laughing, especially at her brother! (He is doing so great with her... a few fun things -- he'll join me to sing goodmorning to her when she wakes up, and will often go jump or sing or dance for her, and tells her "I love you Mei Mei" and gives her hugs).  She's sitting by herself pretty well and can scoot a little on her bottom and on her tummy (just backward so far!).  She gets more motivated about moving every day and is now regularly going from sitting to her tummy without doing a face plant. :)  She'll pull up to standing if you hold out your hands for her, and has a very wobbly "walk" with us holding her hands (mostly backward! Though she just started doing some forward steps too!).  She recently started more babbling... daddy was showing her pictures of all of us, and she busted out with bababa and mamama and now enjoys talking more with us.  She loves to be with me and Jason, but has stranger anxiety and is a little unsure around our friends.

We are very blessed and thankful that things continue to go so well for our sweet Maylee, and pray that she continues to grow and develop well.

Here are a few photos of her on a hike on the day she turned 9 months old...

And a bunch of precious expressions daddy captured in late February...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pretty in pink

More from the end of January.... she only gets more irresistible! :)

 Still loves this sleeping pose (it's one of daddy's favorites too).

Two and a half

RyRy turned two and a half last Friday!  He is growing up to be such a sweet, funny, clever boy.  A few of his favorite things are pretend play (we'll go for a tractor ride, or a flight in the "angel" (the little Blue Angel jet daddy got him), or shopping), building with his lego duplos, playdoh, trains, playing with water at the kitchen sink, and playing outside (he’s figuring out his balance bike and likes to climb the the little rock wall at our playground).  It's so neat to see him interacting and playing more with other kids, too.   Now more than ever the phrase "the days are long but the years are short" is feeling true (can it really be that we'll have a three-year-old in September?!?).  Though his longer days were in the beginning, and now with his little sister we’re in the stage of longer days again, there are so many cute, funny, amazing gems in every day to treasure as he grows and figures things out.  We love him to pieces and count ourselves incredibly blessed.