Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Florida trip - sprinklers and treats

More adventures at Grandpa and Grandma Deb's :).... she got the kids a sprinkler sprayer tube water toy for the yard that was a big hit, especially with Ry!  So beautiful to see the joy in the kids' faces in these photos!  Maylee also just had a good time walking around and up and down a small slope in their front yard. :)

So happy and having a blast!

So precious!

And here are a few pictures from that morning and evening at their place too...

Ry working on his golf swing with Grandpa :)

In Auntie Kimmy's new boots!

Making three kinds of marshmallow treats that night!  Brownies, Ry and Maylee's first rice krispy treats (thanks Grandma Deb for the fun idea!), and these smores marshmallows!

Gooey rice krispy treats!

Marshmallow yum!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Florida trip - Beach time!

We caught one lovely sunset at the beach (love love love! besides our family, sunsets are one of the things I miss most about Florida)... and got in a few play times too!  Nothing quite like a giant sandbox, the ocean to splash at your legs, shells to collect, lots of space to walk and run... and all with our family - awesome times!

Big yawn!

l o v e :)
(it's a rare moment these days when both kids are entertained AND there's someone who can snap a photo of us!)

Amazing colors in the clouds... and even more lovely in person

We went to the beach next to the Ritz Carlton, where artists create an incredible sandcastle, complete with torches, every year

Playing near another castle by the same artists

It's sometimes hard to believe I grew up living in one of those condos in the distance in this photo, until I was in my teens... what a life!  Thanks mom and dad :)

And I got a few shots of Jason taking all these amazing photos :)

Walking home all snuggled up with Dadda, after the sunset and a walk inside the Ritz lobby to see their huge, life-size gingerbread house

And a fun Sabbath afternoon at the beach with Jason's family... 

All ready for the beach in Grandma Deb's sunglasses! :)

Maylee and Rylan getting in on Grandpa and Auntie Kimmy's football game!

It was windy enough for the kite surfers to be out, so we had fun watching a few of them too

The water was chilly (at least by native Floridian standards :) ) but Maylee loved it!! On more than one trip to the beach, one of her favorite things was to stand on the shore and let the waves splash her feet and legs!

More great beach sculptures... a snowman and his gal sunbathing :)

Love this one... so happy, with their hair blown back by the wind :)

Playing at the shore with Grandma Deb!