Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ry and May

It gets pretty crazy and funny with two...

Fox Hollow Farm Fall Festival

C found us a farm around the corner to visit when it was time to find some pumpkins.

Maylee had a great time riding around.

The farm has tons of things to keep kids busy.

Ry got to wear his new frog hat. He loved it and so did everyone else.

Ry had fun demonstrating his ability to lift heavy pumpkins for us.

There was a small barn, with some friendly horses.

And upstairs was a hay maze.

Back downstairs was a friendly pony with a crazy look in his eye.

Ry wasn't interested, but was kind enough to stand next to the hog long enough for me to get a photo.

And then we found the baby piggies!

He got to race around in a cart.

Then another cart.

And we finally let him attempt to drive the small electric vehicles. We thought this one was especially appropriate because he's ridden in a real version several times at grandmommy's.

Then he drove the tractor around.

Mei Mei eventually dozed off.

I had absolutely no trouble getting in that train car.

Ry picks out a pumpkin for May too and she's obviously thrilled.

Salmon Days 2011

Every year Issaquah turns into a fish party. The party is even more fun for us now because there are fun things for kids to do.

Ry and I went down a slide. Even though he looks terrified, he loved it and wanted to go again. I had to distract him with the next fun event to keep us from getting stuck.

While C waited in line for us to ride the train, Ry and I ran around the very busy playground. Ry walked into an empty playground train car and within a few minutes he was wedged in there with 7 little ladies. It cracked me up.

On our way out Ry got to sit in a fire truck!

Monday, October 3, 2011

THE fair

I finally made it to the fair. And so did C, Ry, May and my mom. Things seem to go smoother when the big kids out number the little ones. We weren't there for long, but we still had a wonderful time. I finally got to see the baby piggies! And Ry got to briefly see what mutton bustin looks like. I've only got a year to work on his grip!!!

 I'm thrilled to see, though I didn't get to try, that deep fried snickers is on the menu.

I think that was a bag of chips that the sheep found?

A freshly shorn sheep looks pretty funny.

 I think Maylee's nose has just informed her that she's in a barn.

And she's about to inform us that it's time to move along.

 Ry was not half as interested in the baby piggies as I was so I didn't get many delicious pictures of them.

Feeding time was intense.

This one had just finished a bottle.

They pass out all over each other when the feed is over.

Ry found a tractor display.

Of all the kid's rides this was one of the few we went on, because he's still too short for the others.

 Even though his face says "terror" most of the way down, he literally cried to go again.

He apparently needs a haircut.

He'd barely stood up before crying to go again.

We went on the train instead.

May can't participate in the fish n chips yet, so she just gets close ups of her blue eyes.

While waiting for the bustin to start, we crawled around on somebody's bobcat.

This is how we roll.

By the time we left, some of us were overdue for nap.