Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Antics at home in January and Februrary

I've been using spare time to work on the kids' photo books recently, but I'm hoping to add more to the blog again soon.  Here's some of the great stuff we caught on camera at home in January and February...

Ry Ry making Mei Mei laugh hysterically :)

Playing with her train Rosie that we got her for Christmas (she was taking Rylan's Thomas so often that she needed her own :)... she called her "RoRo" the last few months, but now can say "Rosie"!)

Alejendro snuggled up and licking Dada's chin (or as we say "grooming" him)... he doesn't do anything like this to the rest of us (of course we don't have beards either)... such a riot!

My sweet, silly boy in his new froggie bath towel

Trying to "ride" her brother!

All dressed up for church

Then Maylee started doing the same (we're seeing more and more of that as she gets older!)

In Mama's high heels!

Playing a game Dada calls "bad donkey"...

...which involves going for a bumpy ride and then offloading the rider on the couch!

Holding tight to Dada on her ride

This is what I get sometimes now when I ask Ry to smile for me :)

Still amuses me that Alejandro does this

Dressed up for church... more silly faces

Just put her cupcakes in to bake...

...and setting the oven now

Alejandro still lets Ry use him as a pillow :)

More amusing kitty poses

She figured out how to get all the pieces in by herself in January after getting this puzzle as a gift from Grandma Deb and Grandpa at Christmas :)

Hugs for Alejandro

Swaddling her baby for a nap

Just starting to work on some letters... he'd still rather be doing something active :)

Thrilled with a Playdoh dinosaur he asked me to make for him

Look at my amazing rocket launcher tower!

Nooooo!!! (It just met its demise when Maylee came running over and knocked it down before we could stop her... this happens a lot, but we're trying to teach her not to do it and teach him not to panic if it does :) )


When she saw how upset he was, Mei Mei went over to give Ry Ry a hug to try to make him feel better

Fun with chalk and the eraser!

Yes that's my slipper

Ry can play with his legos for quite a while and loves building long trucks, rockets, planes...

Getting a kick out of feeding Ry Ry :)

Feeding her doll cupcakes

Mei Mei's Valentine coloring (Ry didn't want to color that day)

She loves to get out her books and "read" them!

Carefully driving his plane for takeoff

Snuggled up with a Pooh blanket and pillows Auntie Katie made for her