Friday, August 30, 2013

Jimmy and Katie's wedding!

On Sunday, June 9, the big day finally arrived!  The wedding ceremony was beautiful and so special, and Jimmy and Katie were surrounded by lots of family and friends (the wedding was held at the Moberly Seventh-day Adventist church that Katie grew up attending).  Jimmy and Katie were just glowing all day! In addition to being one of the groomsmen, Jason was also their photographer (along with a second shooter he hired to help with formal shots and while he was up front during the ceremony!)... so he had fun and was very busy!  I was happy that we made it through part of the ceremony before Maylee needed to get up and move around and we headed for the foyer. :)  The big reception at the church was also so neat and well done, with lovely decorations and food, and we enjoyed the music friends and family performed for Jimmy, Katie, and all of us.  It was a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful couple!

The adorable flower girls... Joanie encouraged them from behind while I ran around to the front of the church to encourage them to keep walking to me :)

Rylan with his sign!

Sweet cousins!

Hanging out right after the wedding

So in love!

Uncle George and Maylee at the piano toward the end of the reception... just precious!

Wedding rehearsal dinner

Jimmy and Katie had their rehearsal dinner at a picnic site at Rothwell Park.  It was a lovely evening!  Jason's family made a delicious meal, the decorations were beautiful, the kids had a blast playing together, and they held vespers there before going to the church for the rehearsal.  We also got to see more of Jason's family who had arrived that day, and meet more of Katie's family and friends... such a wonderful, happy time together!  I love weddings :)

Yay for swings nearby!

Aunt Virginia

Aunt Betty and Uncle George

Jason's mom put a lot of effort and love into the beautiful decorations!

Katie and Jimmy :)

The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed the evening together!

More play time with the cousins

Uncle Donny

Endless fun with little cars and trucks

Mei Mei had fun pulling the balloons around too :)

Vespers after dinner

At the church for the rehearsal... All the kids were part of the wedding!

Maylee and Ellie were flower girls and Rylan carried an adorable sign that said "Uncle Jimmy, here comes your girl" :)

The sweet flower girls!  We practiced a lot, but they didn't quite pick up on tossing the petals... they were just adorable in the wedding all the same. :)

Sweet Ellie!

Friday night dinner

Katie's parents were kind enough to host all of the close family and wedding party in town for the wedding at their home in Moberly for dinner on Friday night!  After a yummy meal, our families enjoyed talking and getting to know each other better, and playing with the kids in the perfect summer weather.  We were sad to miss Jimmy, Katie, and Jon and family, though!!  Katie ended up needing treatment for poison ivy, and Jimmy and Jon and family were struggling with the stomach bug that Jason and Ellie had earlier... thankfully and happily, everyone was recovered enough to attend the rehearsal dinner the next day and wedding on Sunday!

My sweet little man

The Dads :)

Jason's mom and Mike

Uncle Scott

They have a huge backyard that was fun to explore

Frisbee with Grandma Deb...

... and Grandpa

Mei Mei's kisses make me so happy!! :) For a while earlier this year, she was very stingy about them and didn't want to give many out!  So glad we're past that stage! :)

A croquet goal post becomes a rocket blasting off :)