Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rylan's 4th Birthday Party!

We had such a great time at Ry's party with his friends at Kidz Bounce on the 8th!!  Both Rylan and Maylee are so excited to go there now and request to visit open bounce time during the week on a regular basis.  It's just so much fun to bounce around with our little ones... lots of jumps, tickles, and squeals!  We went to Kidz Bounce for his party last year too... and had so much fun we had to go back!

When we arrived, we had to wait in the party room for the bounce area to be clear before our bounce time started, and when it did, Rylan bolted out the door to run to his first bounce house... he was thrilled!  He loved bouncing with all of his buddies.  We had snack in the middle, and cupcakes after our bounce time.  We're so thankful for all of our friends who joined us to help celebrate Ry's 4th birthday and show him how much we love him!

Snack time

So much fun!!

Ready for his cupcake!

Blowing out his candles :)


I had fun making a few decorations to go with the race car theme!

And I put together a banner of photos of Ry from birth to now... four years has gone by so fast!

I always love an excuse to make cupcakes too :)

I got his shirt from Etsy (Polka Dot Tot Spot)... she custom made it for Ry and even had fun car and traffic sign fabrics :)

In the birthday chair

Handing out party favors

With some of his buddies at his party :)

Hooray for Ry Ry!  We love you!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Our 12th anniversary

Since our anniversary and Ry's birthday are both on the 2nd, we went out on the 1st to celebrate and had a lovely evening together!  We went to Sky City at the Space Needle (where we used to go every year for our anniversary before Ry and Maylee arrived) and it was a perfect night for it.  Such a delight to be with the love of my life, enjoying the time for just the two of us and the incredible views of the city and sunset over the Olympics, and eating a delicious meal.  Happy birthday to US! :) We feel so blessed to have each other.


Jason got me these beautiful roses :)

Basking in the sun at Sky City

Such beautiful and amazing views!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rylan's big day!

For Ry's birthday on the 2nd, we went to Remlinger Farms in Carnation in the morning ( and had a blast!  We went there on his birthday last year too :).  Ry Ry and Mei Mei had so much fun and enjoyed being able to do more of the rides this year!  In the afternoon we celebrated with cupcakes and presents and spent the rest of the day playing with his new toys.  We so appreciate all the gifts our wonderful family sent and their thoughtfulness.  Ry is having so much fun playing with everything!  It was a wonderful day together as a family celebrating our incredible FOUR year old! :)

Excited to see his decorations!

He was so excited about his gifts that he got to open a few before we did cake and presents in the afternoon.  He opened this big airplane book first, and we really enjoyed some special snuggle time on the couch to read it, just the three of us (Mei Mei was still asleep).

E-cards from Grandmama and Grandpa Larry

Helping with the meal he request for his birthday breakfast... French toast!

Balloons are so much fun!

First play area at Remlinger Farms

Loving the flying pumpkins with Daddy!

Maylee and I went and she loved it too!

Rylan's first roller coaster ride... he was thrilled, held on very tight, loved it, and had the biggest smile on his face after the ride! (And I was so excited to go with him! :) )

Hay maze and hay jump

Cuteness waiting for the pedal cars with Daddy

Holding onto Daddy's hand... starting to get a little tired!

Ry was so excited that he was now big enough to do the pedal cars... they were very heavy so Daddy just had to help get him unstuck a few times and push him along a bit :)

After the pedal cars we took a quick break for lunch... then back out to play!

Climbing around on the tractors

On the antique cars... Aaaahhh Rylan and Maylee are our crazy drivers!!!

After the cars we headed home for Maylee's nap and quiet rest time

After his rest time (before Maylee was up), Rylan got to open and play with another gift... Hot Wheels tracks... having lots of fun with these!

Happy Birthday To You!!!  Ry requested cupcakes with strawberry icing this year :)

Blowing out his candles!

We love our sweet four-year-old!

He loves his little cars and Hot Wheels, and he chose a race car theme for his birthday party at home and with his friends (photos to come) this year

They both go for the frosting first!! :)

Opening gifts!  Zoobs for building all kinds of things

So excited to get more little airplanes!

And a mini basketball (one of our neighbors just put a hoop up in our parking lot :) )

Maylee got some gifts from her very sweet grandparents too :)

And fruits and veggies... of course they look delicious :)

Building with the zoobs

This Kidoozie Build a Road track with two little battery powered cars is a big hit!

Ry wanted to go outside for a bit to try out his new scooter!

After playing outside, it was time for his birthday dinner... Ry requested mac and cheese!

Yay!! What a fun day!  We love you so much Ry Ry!!!