Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maylee is two years old!!

We can hardly believe our little Maylee is TWO already!!  She is an incredible blessing in our lives, and we are so thankful for her each day.  She is a true bundle of energy, excitement, emotions, joy, and curiosity.   She's talking more all the time (four word phrases now, and 4-syllable words - she was so proud of herself when she figured out how to say "avocado" recently), is climbing all around and trying out the big swings on the playground, loves to laugh at her big brother, gives us such sweet kisses and hugs, loves to read (one of her recent favorites is Dr. Seuss's "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" - she can fill in the rhyming words throughout the book... she also loves "The Story of Ping," "1 2 3 A child's first counting book," and her Bible stories).  She'll build little rockets of legos and want us to put them up on the counter (where we put RyRy's creations to keep them from getting crushed by Maylee :) ).  She likes to explore, and will often take off from the playground (like her brother at this age!).  She is still incredibly ticklish and loves to be tickled, almost as much as Rylan.  She continues to be a miracle... right after her early arrival, we had no idea how she'd be doing at this point.  We're so thankful that so far, she's been on track for growth and development (her two year checkup will be in a week, but at her 18 month check up she was in the 90th percentile for weight and height, and when we checked a month ago at home she weighed a healthy 30 pounds).

Here are some of the highlights and most precious moments of her first two amazing years (so hard to narrow it down... there are many other amazing photos)... 

Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet Maylee!!!  We love you so very much!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mother's Day

I had a really wonderful Mother's Day!  Rylan was adorable and told me he loved me lots (he is so sweet and does most days recently) and wished me "Happy Mother's Day!!" throughout the day... by the end of the day Maylee was trying to say it too!  I got to sleep in, we went to the Newcastle Beach Park for photos and play time in the morning, had angel food cake and strawberries and opened cards (including a sweet handmade one from the kids) and lovely gifts in the afternoon, went for a family walk and called our moms, and had yummy Italian take out for dinner... and Jason did some super sweet things, like doing all the dishes for the day.  I also got a massage on Saturday afternoon.  I was just on cloud 9 :) and am so thankful for our moms, my sweet babies, my wonderful hubby, my family, and the the chance to be a mom.  Life is good!!

I love my babies!