Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Florida trip - Zoo, Conservancy, gym time, Children's Museum, and the trip home

Here's some of the fun we had during our last week and a half in Naples!

Grandpa Larry and Jason took Rylan and Maylee to the Naples airport one afternoon to watch the private planes and helicopters take off and land :)

Maylee loved rearranging these snowmen decorations at their house!

Jason left to go back to work and I stayed an extra week with the kids. We were sad for him to go... but since I was up for attempting the flight home by myself with the kids, we wanted to make the most of our trip and enjoy another special week with our family. (I also had a few families at Rylan's preschool who have older kids tell us that now was the time to take these longer trips - before real school starts!) We had several more adventures, including the Naples zoo. Rylan enjoyed this animal show, and Maylee liked it and made it through most of it too!  We got to see this sloth up close.

My adorable sweetie!!

So cute :)

Rylan feeding the giraffes romaine lettuce!

And Maylee took a turn too!

With Grandpa Larry on his motorcycle :)

At the Nature Conservancy. Holding a starfish!

Baby alligators

Giant python sculpture on the hand rail!

Open gym time at a local gymnastics spot

Leaping into the foam pit!

Went to the library a few times when it was rainy out

The awesome Children's museum!

Grandpa Larry came with us :). They had an area set up to construct paper rockets and then launch them!

Blast off!

Love these smiles :)

Rock climbing wall


Supe cute one of my mom and Maylee on our walk on the golf course our last evening there :).  They had a chance to bond more during our extra week which was so neat to see :).

How we survived the trip home! :) This was my first flight with just the two of them.  It was a really long day (about 11 hours of traveling) but we did ok!

Sweet sleeping Ry :). They switched roles...Maylee's the one who was still napping regularly but she did not want to sleep on the plane.  And Ry doesn't normally nap, but was tired enough that he passed out!

A million thanks again to our family for a wonderful visit and all the precious, unforgettable memories. We love you and miss you so much!!!!

Our Florida trip - Cambier park and New Year's Eve

Rylan and Maylee love the giant castle play structure at Cambier Park in downtown Naples so we try to go at least once on our trip!

We got away for a night while my mom and Larry took care of our kiddos! It was our first night away since Rylan has been born! We had a lovely dinner out, stayed in a nearby hotel, and went in the pool in the morning followed by breakfast on our porch overlooking a pond. It was a wonderful gift to have some time to get away and relax!

On the playground near Grandpa Larry and Grandmama's house

Pushing Dada on the swing!

We got some sparklers and Ry and May got to try them for the first time on New Year's Eve! They were delighted! :)  Jason got several neat long exposure shots.

happy new year!!!

And more adorableness :)... Bubble bath in Grandmama and Grandpa Larry's big bathtub!

This is the life! :)

Our Florida trip - Christmas celebration part 2!

We moved our celebration at my mom and Larry's to the day after Christmas, since my sister and Gary arrived late on Christmas eve. It's always a wonderful evening... so much fun to be together, we had a delicious meal, and of course the kiddos were excited for more gifts!


Maylee was playing and stuck her tongue out to be silly... And Uncle Gary joined right in!

More family photos and fun memories! It was so great to have Grandpa Larry with us for Christmas this year! (He is usually in Ohio on Christmas day with his oldest son and family there)

Winnie the pooh!

In love with his new tractor bulldozer :). We truly appreciated all the neat, thoughtful presents from our family!!