Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ry riding his bike - video

Here's some video of Ry seeing his new bike for the first time and riding it!  These are clips from June and July.  Rylan had been asking for a pedal bike, so he was just thrilled to get one.  He was so intent on riding it every day and figuring it all out as fast as he could.  Jason found a really great bike for him in excellent condition on Craig's list.  It's been so fun to see how much he loves riding his bike!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rylan's new bike and Maylee on the balance bike

More photos of Rylan learning to ride his pedal bike (as he says "my new Lightening McQueen bike!") and Maylee on the balance bike!  They both started mid-June, and the bikes are still their favorite thing to do outside in November.  Jason did an amazing job teaching both of them how to ride!

Just getting started, mid-June

At Newcastle Beach Park, end of June

Back at home, mid-July... he picked up new stuff every week or two!

Maylee still enjoys the trike too

Out on one of their first adventures away from home, both on bikes, with Jason in early August

Father's Day

More catching up... We had fun celebrating Jason on Father's Day in June!  Rylan had been asking for a pedal bike, and we'd just given him one two days before, so Jason spent part of the day continuing to teach him how to ride it and running along with him. :) (He got some extra exercise that week!)  Maylee also got to start riding the balance bike, which she was so excited about too!  Jason wanted some photos with the kids on the lawn, and we had a special yogurt and fresh berry parfait for snack that Rylan helped make (recipe was a fun idea from his Highlights magazine).  Jason also got out to do some photos of some friends and their one-year-old (which were a Father's Day gift from the wife to her husband :) ) and we had our favorite Italian takeout for dinner.  I got him tickets to a "surprise" event... which was a Storm basketball game in July (when my mom and Larry were visiting... so they were very sweet and watched the kids while we went out for the night) with Melting Pot chocolate fondue for dessert... a very fun night!  Jason is such a wonderful, involved dad... he's amazing about being playful (perfectly balancing the fact that I tend to be a little more serious) and trying to keep things light and fun... and Ry and Mei Mei adore him. He's a blessing to our little ones and our family!

Ry made Jason a monster truck dinosaur picture :)

Enjoying the berry parfait he put together :)