Sunday, June 29, 2014

Maylee is Three!!

Our sweet little girl turned three on June 4!!  We are incredibly thankful for her and the joy she brings to our lives... we especially love her happy giggles that make us smile and laugh, and her pure excitement about the "little" things in life.  She loves to scribble and color with her markers, play with stickers, play with her little family in her dollhouse, and line up or make big parking lots with all our hotwheels cars and Planes movie planes.  She gives the best snuggles and bear hugs... we just love it!  She's soaking things up like a sponge and knows all of her capital letters, and many of the lower case letters.  Maylee can be very adventurous... quickly climbing to the highest spot on the playground, powering forward on her balance bike, and jumping from high spots.  But she can also be a bit shy and nervous... when we're in a new place, meeting someone new, or around a dog.  Maylee and Rylan also enjoy playing with each other more and more, and it's really cute to see the things they make up together!  She loves it when we read to her, and still loves to sit and flip pages and "read" to herself (sometimes it's the right words, and sometimes she makes up some really amusing stories!).  Mei Mei will happily wear a hair clip, but absolutely does not want to have her hair in a ponytail or braid (and takes it out right away if we try).  She loves to be outside... on her balance bike, the playground, throwing big rocks in the river near our house.  We've also recently enjoyed doing some short hikes near where we live, and her favorite thing is to run down the trail on the way back!  Some of her favorite foods are pancakes, apples, any type of pasta, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli (raw with dip).  She weighs 36 pounds and is still around the 95th percentile for growth... such a miracle for our preemie baby who weighed only 3 lb 9 oz at birth.  We love her so very much and she is a wonderful blessing to our family!!

Here are a few highlights from her first three years!

A few hours old

Six months old

One year old!

Eighteen months old

Two years old!

Two and a half

Almost three

Three years old!  Happy birthday to our sweet Maylee!  We love you!!