Monday, November 19, 2012

A big family birthday party in June!

We couldn't resist another birthday celebration for Maylee with all of our family in town for the Meert reunion cruise in mid-June!  Our little ones don't usually get to celebrate their birthdays with extended family since we live so far from them, and we've never had over twenty family members come to us, so this was a special event!  We had lunch and cake at our condo's party room after everyone arrived from the cruise, and made it a celebration for Maylee and the June family birthdays, including Jason's dad, and cousins Michelle and Justin.  After lunch, we all took a walk to the salmon hatchery and walked one of our favorite trails nearby that runs along Issaquah Creek.  It was an awesome day and we loved celebrating with our wonderful family! (Thank you again Aunt Laura for taking all the great photos!)

Uncle Arny and cousin Becky have some Lego fun while hanging out at our condo for a short bit

Lunch time

Uncle Arny with Jason, Ry and cousin Kami's daughter Jesica

Aunt Nancy with cousins Melissa and Justin

The June Birthdays!  Jason's dad, and his cousins Justin and Michelle with us

Blowing out the candles...

I made a lemon cake with lemon icing... yum!

I love cake!

Wardrobe, please! :) Time for a new outfit after my last one got covered in cake!

So happy with daddy!

Yay for another chance to celebrate our sweet little girl :)

Deb, Uncle Ken, Jason, and cousins Melissa and Justin with Uncle Arny

Loving the balloons!

With Aunt Laura... taking a ride in Laura's mom's walker 

Cousins Becky and Jeremy "decorating" Jason's dad while he's resting

Ry got a kick out of riding on the walker for a short bit

Family photo near the salmon hatchery :)

Smiles from the birthday girl!  We love you Maylee!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The last September birthday

If you haven't already guessed, September is one big month of celebrating for our family! :) I have the third September birthday on the 18th and we had another fun day!  Jason decorated, and got me my favorite cake (princess torte, from Hoffman's Bakery), gave me some time in the afternoon to relax on the lawn on a blanket in the sun (one of my favorite things to do in the summer that I didn't get to do much this past summer... it was a perfect day for it!), and took care of dinner (our favorite pizza).  He also took some great photos of me with the kids while we were all outside playing in the afternoon.  We also got to celebrate with Uncle Bill, who happened to be in town and joined us for dinner.  It was a joy and blessing to be celebrating another year surrounded by my amazing family... I feel very thankful and very loved!

Ry helping me blow out the candles :)

Cake yum!

My lovely flowers...

and an upside down balloon bouquet from Jason too :)

A few photos of my gifts.... Thanks to all my wonderful family for the lovely gifts!!

More goodies from my wish list :)

Ry and Mei Mei had a grand time playing in one of the giant gift bags!

Ry trying some of my chocolates :)

Maylee wants some too! :)

Outside on the slide

Can you guess that my little ones don't like to sit still for long? :)

I love my sweet boy!! :)

Playing with Uncle Bill after dinner

Cute smiles for Uncle Bill!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy birthday to you...

We had a great time celebrating Jason's birthday on September 11!  Rylan helped me decorate at home and we sent him birthday messages at work  Then Jason left work a little early to go on a waterfall photo safari (and had perfect weather for it), blew out his candles on his tower of Krispy Kremes (his request :) ) and had some of the homemade gummy candy he wanted to make the night before.  Then photos, presents, outside time together, and his favorite pizza for dinner (also his request)... he loved it all and said he had an awesome day.  Yay!!  Happy birthday to a wonderful husband and amazing daddy... We love you!!

Almost 2 dozen Krispies in that tower!

Tickles on the couch!

Opening presents

Maylee loved the paper the most

A few of the lovely photos from his waterfall adventure

He set up his lights, etc for a special photo shoot with the kids and captured some fantastic expressions :)

 We love Daddy! :)